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Woolgatherer's Tales
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If you are a woman who leaves her house for more than five minutes a day, you have experienced it!

If you are a guy who knows at least one woman, you have heard the tales about it.

We all see it. But we ignore it. We think it is normal. I think it is normal.

Because it is an everyday happening. But normal does not mean it is right. Normal does not mean that we should suffer it. Let's join the blank noise project and take a step towards eradicating eve teasing.
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Are we secretly at war?
There is no doubt that the world is divided in two halves, married people and singles. Time and again, I am forced to think if the married people of the world have united against the singles. Not a day passes without someone mentioning the M word to me. The whole world (alright the married half, at least) thinks I should get married. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against marriage. In fact, I want to get married sometime. But the point is, why is my single status such a big deal to the people around me?

Is it my potential freedom that scares them?
Do they think all single women are out to get the married men?
Do they recent their state and want others to burn in the same hell?
Or maybe, they are the kind souls who are rolling in marital bliss and want the whole world to experience the joy, is it?
What is it?

I am preplexed by everyones interest in my marital status. I talk of a vaccation in Goa, and they tell me I should get married. I talk about a job shift, and they suggest marriage. I mention a boring weekend, and they swear life can be turned into a fun ride if I just get married. It scares me, it irritates me, and it bugs me to no end.
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Does one still have breakfast at Tiffany and affairs to remember?
Sitting in one of those posh cafés, I look around to see umpteen couples. They all seem madly in love. Eyes are fluttered, hair is flicked, slim legs are crossed; all seem perfect from a distance. Every now and then I see a hand moving animatedly to support the words being spoken, and then my eyes go to the huge flashing solitaire on the ring finger. They all look happy. They boogie the nights away, swinging to the latest tunes, they buy fresh zinnias, they buy loads of chocolates; yes, they still do that. But is there real romance out there?

I am messed up in my head when it comes to defining romance. My most romantic moment had none of these. It had fresh air, green dewy grass, sprinkling sound of water in the background, soapy bubbles, and him. Yes, that was the most romantic moment ever. I have bottled it up in my memory and pop its cork every now and then to breathe in a bit of it. I cherish it. However, I still find myself hoping to receive an odd flower or a trinket every now and then...to mark a day I deem special. Like my second anniversary. Dating in todays time, my dear people, is a tough task. It is not easy to have a dating life of two years. I think it is a moment to be celebrated. So does he. Nevertheless, he always wants to play the important things down. “Let's not build it up” he says. I understand, mostly. But sometimes, a girl wants to feel special. Is it wrong?

I wanted to us to feel special. We are special, to me. To him too, I know. Then, what is wrong in acknowledging it? This, dear people, is Mister High Fidelity. The man I am mad about. The man who means the world to me. The man who loves me but just does not know how to make me feel special. Do not get me wrong, he is a gem. He really is. But this girl still has her woes. You see, nothing is meant to be perfect. Nothing is perfect. Neither am I. Have no doubts about that. If he could not make me feel special that day, I did not leave any stone unturned in throwing tantrums either. Silly, we both are.

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Hello world. I am ready to run.
The Dixie Chicks number plays in my head as I type my first post here. Before I start, let us get some points straight.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

I am just another ordinary and perpetually perplexed woman. I am starting this blog because I realize I need to accept certain basic truths of life. The kind that I refuse to acknowledge even to myself. This is more than a blog. This is project of self improvement. Heh. Having said that let me add, I do not intend to make this a serious, philosophical space. So chill.

What made you start an anonymous blog?

I have already answered this, in a way, in my previous reply. However, let me put it in more clear terms. It is not like I am new to the blog world. I have been around for over three years now. Over this period, my cyber pals and I have gotten friendly and now, they know me well enough for me to feel ill at ease while talking about things so personal.

Why do you need to talk about personal things at all?

Because I do. These are things, both joyous and somber, that have a deep affect on me every day. And, I am not the emotionally wisest person around. I need other people's perspective. I need to open my mind. What better than utilizing the power Internet unleashes by allowing me anonymity?

What exactly are you going to talk about here?

Mostly myself. And my friends. Of course, no names will be taken.

Okay, and why are you ready to run?

Ah! Yes. I am ready to run from someone I love a lot. I cannot bear the thought of him not being around and if he as much as frowns at me, it upsets my whole system. I still want him but I want to clear my head. More on this and my Mister High Fidelity in the next post.

Thank you and hope to see you around.

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